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Lower your user churn by capturing and analyzing your customer's honest thoughts and feedback – clean and simple.

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25% of churn can be prevented right away

Watchwork makes it easy for you to get instant feedback by churned customers. Act & iterate quickly based on their feedback.

Smart churn surveys

Automated survey flows are triggered when a user is about to leave, so you know instantly what is going on and don't burn bridges.

Insightful analytics

Watchwork concludes information and gives insights on churn reasons as well as trends and data. Have everything in sight.

Easy to implement

Watchwork seamlessly integrates into your system. Connect to our API or drop in our no-code script when a user is churning to get your insights when the time is right. We believe in simplicity – talking to users should be simple too!

Easy as ctrl + c

Valuable insights – everything at a glance

Churn is one of the biggest challenges for a SaaS company. However, the reasons for this vary and being in constant exchange with your users is no longer easy at some point. Watchwork shows you why customers leave and which areas of your startup can be optimised.

The average monthly churn rate for SaaS companies is 5% ... that's a lot and those percent lower your growth every month!

Customer centricity gets harder with size, but it is really important to get into your user's minds and understand their constantly changing needs and pains.

While marketing is bringing in new users every month, churn is lowering your success consistently. Often times founders don't even know why customers churn – therefore they cant improve their product.

That's why I build Watchwork – to help you understand your users and act on their feedback.

Customer obsession just became easy – 😊

Gabriel Böker

CEO & Founder of Watchwork

Customer obsession just became easy.

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